Screen Print framed £250

Screen Print frmaed £250

"Where They will never find us" Screen print £650 framed

Eelus "Not everything is so black & white" conservation framed SOLD

Eelus "Conjuring" screenprint conservation framed SOLD
Eelus "Sumoning "screenprint conservation framed with Art Glass SOLD
Eelus "warmest place to hide" signed ltd screen print framed SOLD
Eelus "after the rain" screen print numbered edition SOLD
Eelus "See what i saw" screen print green edition conservation framed SOLD
Eelus "Chewbarber " Screenprint signed stamped ltd edition SOLD
Eelus "Legsy Levin" Screenprint signed stamped edition framed SOLD
Eelus "See what i saw" screen print SOLD
Eelus "Tiffany for breakfast" screen print signed,stamped 105/200 edition framed SOLD

I'm sad I'm Happy one of a kind SOLD